Dr. Fefelova, Evgeniya
MD, PhD in medicine, FRCSC

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Kim Jeffrey
Nurse Practitioner,
10 years of experience


General Gynaecology


December Brooks
Medical assistant

Paediatric Gynaecology

Menopause and

Nicole Ness
Medical assistant

Hormone Replacement
Therapy Counseling

Pelvic Organ
Prolapse Treatment

Committed to your health and your wellbeing.

You are the center of your family; they all depend on you, so make sure that you are OK. Dr. Evgeniya Fefelova and her team can provide you with gynecological care and counseling for all your health-related needs. From your pre-teen years until menopause – we offer personalized treatment plans, as well as care and understanding whatever your problems may be. In our clinic, all the patients are treated with respect and dignity because wellbeing means more than excellent health services.

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