3 Winter Pregnancy Concerns Addressed

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Pregnancy is supposed to be w wonderful time, filled with anticipation, planning, and nesting. But, let’s face it, pregnancies can also get quite uncomfortable, especially during winter, when on top of the usual discomfort, you also have to pile up extra clothes to keep you warm.

However, the good news about all this is that the cold weather can actually make you feel more comfortable. During pregnancy, our body temperature rises, so, even if you have to suffer through a winter pregnancy, at least you won’t have to feel too hot all the time. Let’s see how you can alleviate your other discomforts:

Your Skin Starts Acting Up

Due to the hormonal changes, most women will experience some kind of skin issues during their pregnancy. When the weather gets cold, the most frequent condition is extra dry skin. In order to alleviate it, you can always use a humidifier in the rooms where you spend most of your time. Also, foregoing long, hot baths helps a lot.

You Can’t Do Your Favorite Outdoor Activities

That’s a truly unpleasant thing, especially for moms-to-be who are used to be very active. But just because you can’t go running or skiing, it doesn’t mean that you need to be cooked up inside of the house throughout your pregnancy.

You can always take long walks, go to winter and Christmas fairs and meet friends for hot coffee or tea. In fact, provided you have warm, comfy clothes and shoes, you can spend as much time outside as you want. As far as sporting activities go, check out YouTube. You will find plenty of exercising routine that you can do in your very home and that are adequate for your condition.

Yo Catch a Virus

Getting a cold or, even worse, the flu is one of the most terrible things that can happen to a mother. You can’t take all the medicine you normally do and, basically, you just have to drink plenty of hot fluids and wait for it to pass.

However, there are a few things that you can do to prevent getting sick. First of all, make sure you wash your hands frequently and use antibacterial soap whenever you leave your home or come in contact with someone new – people can be virus bearers and not even know it. Also, during flu season, try not to come into direct contact with too many people; for instance, refrain from kissing your friends, even if you haven’t seen them for a while.

If you do get the flu or a cold, make an appointment with your obstetrician as soon as possible. A doctor can prescribe you drugs that are safe for you and the child and will also alleviate the symptoms.


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