5 Tips For Throwing The Perfect Baby Shower

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A new baby coming into this world is a joyous and festive occasion. If you’re the one who has to take care of throwing a baby shower for a close friend or member of the family, then you must feel both happy and overwhelmed. Baby showers aren’t just any kind of party: they need to be memorable, but also tempered enough to accommodate the new life regimen of the mother-to-be. Here are a few tips to help you throw the best baby shower:

  1. Choose the date and time carefully

Typically, a baby shower is held six to four weeks before the due date, so you have a two week timeframe. Try to steer clear of working days in order to accommodate everyone’s schedule: Saturdays or evenings are your best bet. If possible, speak to a few close friends and ask for their availability. Once you’ve got the date set, send the invitations – preferably two weeks in advance.

  1. Choose a comfortable location

A mother-to-be won’t feel too comfy on rigid restaurant chairs, so, if you can’t find a suitable venue, why not host it at home? If the weather permits, an outdoors baby shower will be lovely!

  1. Choose a theme

If you know the sex of the baby, choosing the right theme for the party shouldn’t be too hard. You could go with princesses, super heroes or even something simple like “pink and black” or “summer”. You can choose games that fit your theme and have the food in appropriate colors. However, remember that a baby shower is first and foremost about the mother-to-be, so make sure that the theme you choose fits her preferences.

  1. Learn about the guests’ food preferences

Find out if vegetarians, vegans or people with dietary restrictions will be attending the party and plan the menu accordingly. Once again, not that your number one priority should be the mother’s comfort, so be sure to find out what she likes or what she can eat. Some pregnant women get sick even from the sight of foods they once used to love and if you’re not careful enough something like this could ruin the whole baby shower.

  1. Have useful decorations

Instead of balloons and flowers, why not have decorations that the new mommy could use for the baby? Wouldn’t that be money better spent? Opt for plush toys, cute bibs, baby clothes, even diapers can make for great DIY baby shower decorations. Everyone will love your ingenuity!

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