How To Ace Your First Week Of Motherhood

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I’m sure that, just like any excited mother-to-be, you’ve prepared a lot of things for your baby’s arrival, from pacifiers to a cute little bed, a stroller, diapers and the list can go on and on. But the truth is that no matter how many things you buy, you are never truly prepared for the way your life changes. Sure, those things help, but what your baby needs first and foremost is you. Read on and find out what the most challenging things for a new mother are and how to ace them all:

  1. Sleep deprivation

Granted, newborns can sleep up to 20 hours per day, but this doesn’t mean they sleep in long stretches like adults do. Expect anything between one and four hours when it comes to your baby’s sleep. Of course, this type of schedule will be very hard on you, so you have two options: first of all, try to sleep whenever the baby does. It may seem unnatural at first to sleep at odd hours, but try to do it even when you don’t feel too tired. You’ll thank me when you’ll be up all night! Second of all, getting a nanny or a member of the family to help you in the first few week is also a great option. You will still not be able to sleep as you used to, but it’s a significant improvement.

  1. Constantly soothing the baby

After being removed from the comfort of your womb, the outside world may seem scary to your child, so he will need constant soothing. Forget about “let your baby cry every once in a while” – it’s a nonsensical myth. Instead, try recreating the conditions in the womb as much as possible: hold him on his side, whisper to him and let him such on your finger. Experiment until you know what your child likes and what soothes him – all babies are different.

  1. Breastfeeding

Don’t worry; it’s perfectly natural to have troubles with this the first time around. Most women complain about not managing to latch the baby or get him to suckle or even about not having enough milk. The solution? See a lactation consultant as early as possible and be patient!

  1. Getting the daddy involved

Being a new mom can be overwhelming, so you need all the help you can get! Even if you feel like you should do everything yourself just to make sure it’s done right, try to resist the urge. Instead, get your life partner involved from the very first day. They may have a different schedule and not enough time off work to get the hang of things, but basic stuff like changing a diaper or giving the baby a bath should be part of their routine, as well. Pro tip: leave the room when your partner is doing something for the first time. This way, they won’t feel judged and they will be forced to make decisions on their own.

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