Do You also Suffer from Vaginal Discomforts?

Childbirth or perimenopause (the phase that precedes menopause) can cause dryness, a vaginal burning sensation or urinary incontinence. They are often the symptoms of a condition known as atrophic vaginitis, which affects numerous women of all ages and decreases the quality of their lives. The stats speak for themselves:

75 %

reported that vaginal atrophy negatively impacts their lives

63 %

failed to recognize vaginal atrophy as a chronic condition

44 %

report that that did not consult a gynecologist for finding a solution

4 %

only recognized the common symptoms of vaginal atrophy

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MonaLisa Touch Barrie

Vaginal atrophy, the lack of cell nourishment and hydration of the vaginal mucosa, is typically caused by a drop in estrogen levels and associated with menopause or breast feeding. Most women consider that the lack of sexual appetite, as well as the burning sensation and dryness that come with it are normal and do nothing about it. But there is a way to regain your femininity and say goodbye to urinary incontinence, dyspareunia and other types of discomfort. Check out our painless and quick solution!

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    MonaLisa Touch® – Be Yourself Again!

    MonaLisa Touch® is an innovative fractional CO2 laser treatment that restores gynecological health and optimal functions. By delivering gentle laser energy into the tissue of the vaginal wall, MonaLisa Touch® stimulates the production of collagen and restores the vaginal mucosa to the condition it had before menopause of before childbirth.

    The fractional laser creates micro-lesions inside the vaginal walls. As a response, your body will start producing more collagen in order to heal these micro-lesions, having long-term effects. The procedure is painless and completely safe. According to each patient’s individual traits, 3 or more treatments may be needed for optimal results, followed by a yearly maintenance session.

    MonaLisaTouch Results

    A single treatment that lasts for a couple of minutes can restore the vaginal tone and elasticity. Besides tightening the vagina, the laser treatment also helps restore its correct pH level, thus reducing the risk of infections.

    The symptoms improvement in patients after three MonaLisa Touch treatments:

    • Laxity: 90%
    • Burning sensation: 84%
    • Itching: 85%
    • Dryness: 76%
    • Dyspareunia: 72%

    Top benefits of the MonaLisa Touch treatment:

    • Quick: a session can be done in office and lasts less than 5 minutes.
    • No pain: the procedure is completely painless and requires no anesthesia. Some patients may experience a slight discomfort.
    • No downtime: you do not require any after care; you can simply go about your day as usual.
    • Immediate relief: symptom relief can be felt after the first session; significant progress can be noticed after sessions 2-3.
    • Simple procedure: the MonaLisa Touch treatment resembles your annual exam – the doctor will insert a handheld device in your vagina. After the laser has sent a few pulses in your vaginal wall, the procedure is done!
    • Minimal side effects.