What is an ultrasound?

Ultrasound (or ultrasonography) uses high-frequency sound waves that can’t be perceived by the human ear but are transmitted through body tissues. Their echoes are recorded by the ultrasound machine and transformed into video or photos.

Ultrasounds are used to diagnose a wide range of conditions. They can be used combined with other diagnosis procedures or on their own. Their effectiveness stems from the fact that the ultrasound machine allows us to see the inside of a body in real time.

Who needs an OB/GYN ultrasound?

Ultrasounds are very common during pregnancies. Mothers-to-be are anxious for their ultrasounds as they are the most reliable way to determine the sex of the baby. But, most importantly, ultrasounds can be used to diagnose a series of conditions that can affect the ovaries, the uterus and the fallopian tubes.

During pregnancy, ultrasound is used to determine if the fetus is healthy and if the expecting mother has any pregnancy complications. However, this procedure is also useful to non-pregnant women, as it is the most reliable way to determine the source of painful pelvic cramps, random vaginal bleeding, lack of menstrual flow, abnormal pelvic growths and many others. Thus, every woman needs an ultrasound, at least once a year if her doctor recommends it.

Who needs a breast ultrasound?

A breast ultrasound can add important details to the results of other diagnosis procedures, like mammograms or MRIs. Breast ultrasounds are the most reliable way to rule out cancer and to diagnose other breast-related conditions. You should have an ultrasound if:

  • You experience breast pain, redness or swelling
  • You find a breast lump during your self-examination or your doctor does
  • Your mammogram has abnormal results
  • You are too young to have a mammogram – the tissue is too dense in women under 40 and mammograms are not efficient
  • You have silicone implants – ultrasound is the best way to check breasts with silicone implants.


Dr. Fefelova and her team have extensive experience in OB/GYN and breast ultrasounds. When you have such a procedure done in our clinic you can rest assured that the results will be interpreted correctly and you will get the accurate diagnosis.

Ultrasound procedures are only available for Dr. Fefelova’s patients.