3 Psychology Tips every Mother-To-Be Needs to Know

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Let’s be honest: being pregnant is a wonderful time, but…not always. Aside from the physical problems that come with pregnancy, a mother-to-be also has to care about her psyche. When pregnant, women undergo a lot of physical and psychological changes, which are also aggravated by the constant worrying about their baby’s wellbeing.

But there’s one thing all pregnant mothers have to consider: in order for your baby to be healthy and happy, you have to be healthy and happy first. So, here are somethings to help you ace one of the most beautiful and most complicated at the same time periods in your life.

Find a Supportive Community

This goes for both your pregnancy period and for after your baby has arrived. You don’t have to go searching for people who are in the same situation as you if your partner, your family, or your friends can offer you the support you need.

The key here is not to spend too much time alone. Companionship is important and it can help you put things in perspective when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes, mothers-to-be tend to isolate themselves for fear of catching germs and bacteria; it’s good to protect your physical health, but what about your mental one? As usual, moderation is key.

Be Mindful of Every Moment

Pregnancy is a unique experience. In fact, no two pregnancies are the same, so even if you’re planning on having more than one child, you will never feel the way you do right now. Take deep breaths, concentrate and allow yourself to feel everything. Are you sitting comfortably? Is there anything else you might need this very moment? Ask yourself these questions as frequently as possible. This is the perfect moment to be self-indulging and lenient with yourself.

Mindfulness can also help you detect problems early on. Don’t dismiss anything you feel; speak to your doctor and/or psychologist about everything, no matter how insignificant it may seem.

Ask for Help

Speak openly to your doctor even about what may seem embarrassing or uncomfortable. Towards your last months of pregnancy, accept help with carrying heavy objects or with ensuring your comfort. Tell your partner what makes you feel better and allow them to cook for you or massage your feet – whatever adds to your wellbeing.

Remember: you don’t have to be alone! From family and friends to dedicated online or real-life communities, you can always find the help you need, in every situation. You just have to ask for it!

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