5 Pregnancy Myths Debunked

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“Do this to have a smart baby.” “Do that so you won’t have morning sickness.” “Do this incredible gimmick to ensure your baby will be healthy.” Sounds familiar? Yes, pregnancy is surrounded by a ton of myths and, no surprises here, most of them are untrue. I know mothers-to-be are sometimes panicked about doing something that could hurt the baby or eager to get any advice that could help them, but don’t believe everything you hear or read. Check out some of the most common pregnancy myths:

  1. Steer clear of caffeine

False! Unless you have a medical condition or your doctor clearly tells you that you can have no caffeine, there’s no reason to go fully decaf. Don’t exaggerate, though, and stick to one small cup of coffee each day.

  1. You’re eating for two now

False! During your pregnancy, everyone around you will do everything in their power to ensure that you are well fed and that you crave for nothing. “Eating for two” is the most common excuse pregnant women use to ditch their usual diet, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Of course, we’re not advocating that you starve yourself (by all means, eat as much as you feel the need to), but don’t overdo it. A pregnant woman only needs and extra 300 calories each day, not double servings of everything.

  1. You can’t have any cheese

False! Swiss or Cheddar cheese are perfectly OK to eat. In fact, if you check the label carefully, you might be able to eat just about any kind of cheese just as long as it’s pasteurized. Goat cheese, Brie, and feta (the typically unpasteurized types of cheese) are the ones likely to carry illnesses. So, check the label and if it’s says “pasteurized”, go for it!

  1. You have to suffer through pain and sickness

False! Most people believe that you are not allowed to take any meds during your pregnancy, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Speak to your ob-gyn about any discomfort you may feel – it’s very likely that you’ll be able to take some OTC drugs. Here are just some of those that most ob-gyns approve of: Tylenol for migraines or fever, Tums for heartburn, Imodium for diarrhea and so on. However, be wary of teas and herbs – they may be natural, but very few studies have been conducted on their side effects on fetuses. Always check with your doctor before taking any type of medication.

  1. You can’t do any exercise

False! In fact, most doctors recommend that you do some low-impact exercising as a means to keep both you and the baby healthy. Again, speak to your doctor about your fitness routine and get their approval before hitting the gym.

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