How to Cope With Fertility Problems

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You’re sitting in the doctor’s office waiting for your name to be called. You walk in to the consultation room and greet the doctor with a smile on your face and your head held high, then you take a seat and it happens, you hear the words “I’m sorry, but your fertility test results revealed that…”

Fertility Problems and Yourself

It’s the news you’ve been dreading hearing for some time now; you had a feeling that something was not right and these fertility tests confirmed those feelings. You feel overwhelmed with emotion and a deep sadness sets in as you think ‘why me?’ You start to blame yourself and wonder if you could have done anything different to change this unfortunate diagnosis. You wonder if you shouldn’t have spent all those years on the pill or shouldn’t have smoked those few cigarettes in college.  The reality is that, most likely, it’s not something you did, or didn’t do. As your doctor can explain, most fertility issues have an unknown cause.

Educate Yourself

The first step to coping with fertility problems is understanding what is happening to your body. Fertility problems affect around one in eight couples. In other words, one in eight couples have troubles conceiving. Notice I didn’t say “can’t conceive”. That’s because “fertility problems” doesn’t mean that you’ll never be able to conceive. It just means it will take some time, some patience and the right doctor to guide you through the process.

Be Kind to Yourself

It is important to take care of yourself — now more than ever. Allow yourself to get angry and cry – you have every right to!

Even more importantly, you need to look towards the future. Speak openly to your doctor and search for solutions together. Turn towards family and friends for support. The upcoming months will not be easy, but there is every chance that they will be very rewarding.

Remember You Have Options

Understanding what your particular problem will help you take the next step in this process, which is to decide on other methods of conceiving. IVF, minor surgical procedures, opting for a surrogate or perhaps looking into adoption are just a few of the options that you have.

If you need one more reason to smile, here it is: while you read this article, your doctor probably just learned about a new method of helping patients with fertility issues. And you might be one of those lucky patients! That’s right: at the rate technology and medicine are evolving today, you won’t have a spare room in your house for too long!


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