Your First Visit at the Gynecologist’s Office – What to Expect

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Whether you have just gotten your period the first time, have just become sexually active, or  have just noticed something different ‘down there’ – there is a time in every woman’s life that she must make that first appointment with a gynecologist, and that includes you! If you thought you had something wrong with your ankle, would you keep putting off visiting the doctor? Probably not, so don’t let the fact that we are talking about your vagina perturb you – every woman has one after all.

Nervous? Don’t Be!

OK, so telling you not to be nervous isn’t working, is it? Well, let’s think about how you can overcome your anxiety then. For some people, simply going into the clinic with a friend or parent can help. It is normal to feel some apprehension, but it is important to remember that this is a doctor you are dealing with. Talking about your vagina in an open manner with your gynecologist is important. There is no point in going in and then not telling them if something is bothering you. It is the gynecologist’s job to help after all. Plus, they are experts in making you feel comfortable and at ease – being open and honest will make you feel much better with yourself when you walk out that room!

When Should You See a Gynecologist?

There is no predetermined time when you should see a gynecologist, and every woman has their own reason they booked their first appointment. Anything regarding your vagina that you are unsure about more than justifies making an appointment. Even if you have had no problems, a regular check-up has never done any harm. In fact, it is highly recommended to schedule an appointment before something goes wrong. There is no shame in seeing a gynecologist, so don’t get too hung up about it.

It’s Done!

Once you have seen a gynecologist for the first time, you will most likely feel relieved it’s done with and probably realize all the stress was about nothing. Making the second appointment will be much easier. Sexual self-awareness is important, but, sadly, living in our conservative society, we don’t always feel comfortable talking about these subjects. Make the most of your time with the gynecologist and ask any questions you have. Remember there are no stupid questions when it comes to your health; anything you ask is only going to make the doctor see you as more responsible. So whether you have made the appointment or are still thinking about it, remember your gynecologist is there to help you.


Looking for a gynecologist in Barrie, Ontario who can make you feel comfortable from your very first visit? You’ve come to the right place; set up your first appointment and let’s talk about what really matters.


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