How to Throw the Perfect Spring Baby Shower

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One of your dearest friends or relatives is about to begin the most wonderful journey of their life. Being a mother. There is no better way to show your support and happiness for the mother-to-be than throwing her the loveliest spring baby shower.

What better time of year could there be for a baby shower than spring? Spring symbolises new life. The trees that had lost their leaves have a new green life to them. Cherry and apple trees filled with beautiful blossoms and colorful flowers have emerged from the ground that was frozen only months before. And this year something even more amazing is happening, your friend is about to deliver new life into the world. She’s having a baby!

Spring Baby Shower Ideas

The best thing about baby showers is the fact that there are no rules. You can do anything you like. This makes it easier to throw a baby shower that is personal to the mother-to-be. Don’t be afraid to add personal touches, whether they are her favourite color palette or themes like princesses and super heroes. They are all great for spring baby showers!

Don’t Forget about the Flowers

Everybody loves flowers. Flowers can make even a drab environment look happy and lively. So imagine what they will do to the atmosphere when it’s already buzzing with positivity. Having tulips and other spring flowers around will make the atmosphere fresh and fun for everyone – and still keep the focus on new life.

An Outdoors Spring Baby Shower Is Always a Great Idea (Weather-Permitting)

It’s spring. Plan the baby shower in a lovely garden – either at your place or at a restaurant. Everything is always nicer when you can be outside in the sun. The fresh scent of spring along with the flowers you have gotten for the shower is sure to make everyone feel the love. However, maybe prepare to be able to move inside in case the weather doesn’t hold out – you don’t want to end up getting soaked at the baby shower.

Remember it’s not your baby shower. Think about the mother-to-be: what does she like in terms of food and decorations? Is she on a strict diet? Does she have trouble traveling too far? Everything about this baby shower should be designed to make her feel comfortable and loved.

Spring themed deserts or savory foods is another option you could incorporate – who doesn’t like tasty sweet sugary flowers!

Spring is about new things growing, and that’s exactly what the baby is doing. Why not have a ‘love grows’ themed table with fun food items and drinks?

The options are endless. All you need to do is let your creative juices run freely and you’ll throw an unforgettable spring baby shower!


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